VISITS, Alexandre Chemetoff
Production Alexandre Chemetoff. Edition Birkhäuser, Archibooks. Photographs Arnauld Duboys Fresney. Films Antoine de Roux and Arnauld Duboys Fresney, 2009.

Alexandre Chemetoff, architect,urban planner and landscaper, is committed to practicing his trade freely. He develops his projects by visiting the sites, walking them and connecting them with other experiences, Between September 2007 and December 2008, several personalities were invited to accompany him, on one visit each. Their spontaneous conversations from the core of this book, which covers a selection of his projects, singular and yet representative of his approach. Each discussion is linked to a location and particular date. The words exchange are on the spur of the moment and follow the rhythm of the visitors’ footsteps. Includes a DVD that captures the fives visits on film.